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Step One
The Brief & the Quote.

We look to understand what you want to achieve and why, and we agree on a quote.

Step Two
The Concept

We go through our ideas, in terms of the design and the choice of application.

Step Three
The M-Blaze

Whether it’s a delivery of uniforms or putting the decal on the truck, we’re there to make sure it’s as it should be.

Step Four
The Impact

You get noticed in new ways. And come back to us when you have another idea of how to make the most of your creative assets.


CASE STUDY: Having a new impact on Old Brompton Road


Eclipse Cocktail Bar had been a favourite for South Kensington locals since it opened its doors in 2002. To help Eclipse raise their profile, M-Blaze took their stylish logo and emblazoned it across polo shirts for their barmen and also street-side banners - strengthening their brand, indoors and out.


Creating personalised clothing Bar Staff Clothing for Eclipse Banner signage for Eclipse

Whatever the size or nature of the project, we pride ourselves on our personal service…. and on doing what it takes to delight you.

So ask yourself this: What Would you like to 'M-Blaze' where?